Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Future of Rugby League

Ten players per side @ 5 metre defence line - Match duration played over 3 x 30min periods, interchange bench consists of 5 players - 2 changes allowed per 30 min period;

1. Kick Offs: Only at the start of each period & will alternate between teams;

2. Dummy half runners: Caught with the ball are penalised NON SIN BIN;

3. Play the ball (PTB): Whilst facing your teams’ scoring end of the field place the ball on the ground immediately in front of the tackle, step over the ball with both feet. The 2nd foot is to be grounded before the dummy half can pick the ball up. The 2nd foot grounding will also allow the defence to move;

4. NO Markers are required at the (PTB): tacklers are offside until they have retreated to the advancing defencive line;

5. Drop ball rule: TURNOVER;

6. Repeat Set (RS): If a team completes (ALL 6 TACKLES of the 1st set in their DEFENCIVE HALF OF THE FIELD) without dropping the ball they can receive one (1) “bonus” set of six tackles.

7. 50/20 not 40/20: Successful 50/20s receive a 3 Tackle Bonus (3TB) which begins with a tap restart from the middle of the defending side's 20m line; Tries scored during 3 Tackle Bonus worth 5 points;

8. The Conversion Try: Following tries SCORED FROM GENERAL PLAY (try worth 4 points), a team may kick for goal; actual try scorer to attempt the kick, successful kick worth 2 points; OR attempt a Conversion Try (CT) worth 3 points. The (CT) option provides 3 “fresh” tackles starting at the 20m line, (no kicking during the allowed 3 tackles);

9. No kicking during Three Tackle Bonus and Conversion Try;

10. No kicking into the in goal at any time: If a kick rolls in-goal it's a tap restart on the defending side's 20m;

11. Held up in goal: Possession goes to the defending team; tap restart on the 20m line with six tackles;

12. Following tries & conversions: the team scored against receives the ball and restarts with a tap from the middle of their 20m;

13. Sin Bin (SB): All aspects of the safe play code will be in effect; Penalties will attract a (SB) and once an individual player has been sent twice to the (SB) he will be dismissed from the game. A sin bin is for 5min, the offending player will be replaced by a bench player after the 5min suspension from the field has been completed this in effect will also count as one of the allotted changes within that period;

14. Penalties: No Shot for goal & No Quick Tap; can only kick for touch to gain field territory;

15. Scrums: Only come into play if there have been two knock ons, 2 dropped balls. Otherwise possession exchange is done via turnover. 5 men will form the Scrum with the ref to feed, however, if there is enough overwhelming support/as per the common spectator often says; may as well scrap the scrum then it won’t be too hard to scrap the scrum entirely. Simply play to the 1st mistake (turnover if no advantage is gained).